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Dear Friend,

I had a blast this past weekend joining the King County Sheriff’s Office for its annual Shop with a Cop event. This is not only a way to make sure the participating 450 children from homeless shelters, foster homes and needy families from throughout King County get a gift this season, but is a great opportunity for law enforcement to strengthen their relationship with members of the community they serve. Thank you to all those who helped sponsor the event – especially Sergeant Reid Johnson who has organized Shop with a Cop for over 15 years - and a big thank you to the 80 officers from King County and surrounding agencies who made it out to the Covington Wal-Mart last Saturday!

Focusing on America’s Priorities

One of the greatest privileges of my job is meeting with families from all economic, cultural, and geographic backgrounds across Washington’s Eighth District. No one family or community is the same. The difficulties faced by a cherry grower in Wenatchee, the needs of a software engineer in Issaquah, and the concerns of a mother of three in Ellensburg cannot be neatly packaged into a box. There are, however, a few common themes that often dominate conversations as I travel on both sides of the cascades.

More affordable health care and a fairer tax system – that’s what I keep hearing from people.

When it comes to taxes, many families continue to struggle with a tax code that does not work for them. Our small businesses have also been victims of our overly complicated tax system, making it increasingly difficult for them to expand and hire more workers in our communities.

These challenges have unfortunately been accompanied by fewer choices and higher costs in health care for many families. Since the implementation of Obamacare in 2010 premiums and out of pocket costs for many patients in Washington State and across the country have spiked at an unbelievable rate.

With the new Congress and Administration fast approaching, the status quo is on its way out.

This week, while Congress was adjourned for the holidays, I joined fellow Republicans on the Ways and Means Committee for an intensive two-day policy retreat in Washington, DC. The retreat focused on key priorities for many Americans, including tax and health care reform.  During this week’s retreat, we discussed how to create a simpler  tax system that allows families to keep more of their hard-earned dollars and what steps must be taken to give families access to more individualized, more affordable health care.

We have a lot of work ahead of us, but I am very excited about what the New Year means for families in our region and throughout the United States.


Stay warm out there and I will talk to you again next week!



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