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Dear Friend,

It was just before 8 am on December 7, 1941 in Hawaii’s scenic Pearl Harbor. What began as a clear, quiet morning ended with the loss of 2,403 Americans who fought bravely to defend their country. The day after, on December 8th, President Franklin Roosevelt called the attack on Pearl Harbor “a date which shall live in infamy.” Seventy-five years later, the sacrifices of the men and women we lost that day are no less significant or consequential. This week, on the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, and every week, we must remember the costs of living in a country where we can be free.

Honoring Former Governor and Senator Dan Evans, a Champion of Conservation

Washington State and our region are known for their breathtaking natural treasures. But we cannot talk about Washington’s natural beauty without thanking the man who’s been instrumental in maintaining and protecting it for future generations. From the 1984 Washington Wilderness Act to the Washington Park Wilderness Act of 1988, former Washington Governor and U.S. Senator Dan Evans’ initiatives have had a lasting impact on every person who had or will get the opportunity to experience Mother Nature’s gifts. I am proud my colleagues in the House joined me in recognizing his contributions by passing the Daniel J. Evans Olympic National Park Wilderness Act and sending it to the President’s desk.

To learn more about the legislation and Sen. Evans’ contributions to our state, click HERE.

The Engines of Our Economy

Washington State is widely known as a world leader in innovation and entrepreneurship. Our business owners and workers not only produce goods and services we all enjoy, but they create countless good-paying jobs and power our economy. Many of these innovative companies are members of the Association of Washington Business (AWB), which represents nearly 8,000 businesses and 700,000 employees. This week, I had the opportunity to meet with over 20 members of the AWB to discuss their concerns and what I am doing in Congress to grow jobs and expand opportunities throughout our state and region.

Keeping the Government Up and Running

On Thursday, my colleagues and I in the House passed a continuing resolution to keep the government funded through April 28, 2017. I see it as my privilege and my duty to make sure our seniors, military, and vulnerable members of society receive the support they deserve. Keeping our government fully funded and running is also critical to America’s national security and the economic stability of our country. This continuing resolution puts Congress in a strong position to immediately focus on growing good-paying American jobs and protecting our national security in the New Year.

Small Actions Making a Big Difference

Too often, we are only shown stories that highlight the negative, but everyday our law enforcement officers go above and beyond to not only keep us safe and protect our freedoms, but to spread kindness and love throughout our communities. Please take a moment to read this great piece from King 5 News to hear about how these law enforcement officers had a lasting impact on Washington residents.


Stay warm out there and I will talk to you next time!



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