Congressman Dave Reichert
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Dear Friend,

Although we cannot always see it, there are many children and young adults throughout our region who are struggling with addiction and from abuse, teen pregnancy, homelessness, and countless other issues. Tragically, they often lack the support they need to get back on the right path or do not know where to find it.

Friends of Youth is where they can go to get the love, care, and resources they need to turn their lives around. Since 1951, the non-profit has been helping young people in our region and has continued to expand its services and reach over the decades. On Friday, I had the pleasure of watching the expansion continue with the opening of a new office in North Bend. With this additional space, Friends of Youth will now be able to hire more counselors and treat more youths in our area.

Hearing from Our Small Business Owners

I had the pleasure of meeting with the Main Street Alliance of Washington and members of our region’s small business community in my Issaquah office this week. We discussed issues that impact our small business owners and the countless workers they employ in our region.

Fighting Crime by Investing in Kids

Our children are our greatest investment. The love, care, education, and support a child receives at a young age have a huge impact on the adult they grow to be. As a society, one of the most important things we can do is ensure parents have the resources, support, and skills to raise their children to be healthy, happy, and productive members of our community. Maternal, infant, and early childhood home visiting (MIECHV) programs, which I have been proud to champion, are one of the surest ways to accomplish this.

It was a joy to sit down with Fight Crime, Invest in Kids - one of the organizations leading on this issue. They thanked me for the work I have done advocating for MIECHV programs and urged the importance of continuing to support these life-changing programs.

Talking Priorities with Local Leaders

On Thursday, I had the opportunity to sit down with 8th Congressional District Mayors. With the greater Seattle area being one of the fastest growing regions in the country, we discussed how to alleviate the impacts of rapid growth, build better transportation systems, and fund the law enforcement agencies that keep our communities safe.

Meeting with the Hospitality Industry

It was a pleasure to talk with representatives from the Restaurant Association to discuss priorities in the hospitality industry and what we can do in Congress so they can better serve you.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend and I will talk to you next time!





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