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News Brief

Dear Friend,

Thank you to everyone who joined me for last night’s tele-town hall. My office contacted nearly 40,000 constituents in our region to discuss the issues and concerns that are most important to you.

With the ongoing action on health care reform in Congress, we spent a good portion of the hour discussing how the Republican health care solution will impact you. I know nothing is more important than the health of our families and loved ones, so my goal remains to provide access for all Americans. 

If you would like to participate in a future tele-town hall, please fill out your contact information, HERE.

Supporting Young Mothers

On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of meeting Rosa Valentin and her 20 month old daughter Angelica. Rosa, who is now 16, had Angelica when she was only 14 years-old. Although she faced criticism from her peers, did not receive support from her whole family, and understood that having a child would create challenges never faced by most 14 year-olds, Rosa decided to keep her baby. At a Committee hearing this week, Rosa spoke about how proud she was to be a mother of a beautiful little girl, but also shared with members the life-changing experience of working with Beth Russell, a local nurse she was connected with through the Nurse Family Partnership program. The home visits Rosa received helped her gain confidence as a first-time mom and provided the support she needed to continue her school work. I am proud Members on both sides of the aisle understand what a difference programs like the Nurse-Family Partnership, supported by the federal Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) program, make for young mothers who are trying to do the best they can to prepare for motherhood and care for their child. I look forward to working with my colleagues on reauthorizing MIECHV.

Giving First Responders the Relief They Deserve

Firefighters and EMS personnel along with members of law enforcement are the individuals who come to our rescue when we are most in need. I know this to be true from my personal experience. Years ago a first responder came to my side and because of their help, I am here today. Like I learned long ago, these men and women are essential to the safety of our loved ones and to the security of our communities. I was proud to introduce bipartisan legislation with Congressman John Larson (D-CT) to give them much needed tax relief. It is the least we can do for individuals who are willing to run into a burning building or provide life-saving care on our behalf.

How Tax Reform Impacts You

Many of you may have visited Mosby Farms to pick the perfect Halloween pumpkin with your children or bought some of their fresh produce at a local grocery store. Unfortunately, despite Rosella and Burr Mosby’s quality produce, connection to the local community, passion, and hard work that allowed Mosby Farms to expand over the years, our current tax code is holding back their family farming business and others around the country. Please click HERE to learn more about Rosella’s story and what House Republicans are doing to create a simpler, fairer tax code that will help farmers like Rosella grow their business and give back to the community.


Going Blue for Peace Officers Memorial Day

This week, my co-chair of the Law Enforcement Caucus, Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) and I sent a letter to President Donald Trump, requesting that the President illuminate the White House blue on the night of May 15, 2017 in honor of Peace Officers Memorial Day. Blue lights are traditionally used as a symbol of recognition and appreciation of law enforcement.

This is an important show of support for the more than 21,000 officers who have given their lives while serving their communities. I hope the President will take this opportunity to recognize the difficulties and dangers that officers encounter every day in public service to us all. The men and women who wear the badge understand the dangers of their job, but they heed the call to serve and willingly face those risks every day in order to create safe communities for all Americans. Peace Officers Memorial Day is the perfect time to honor these great sacrifices made by those who wear the uniform.

Requesting the President to light the White House blue on Peace Officers Memorial Day, is part of my #15ReasonsforMay15 campaign, which aims to build awareness leading up to May 15th by highlighting the positive contributions to and sacrifices law enforcement makes on behalf of our communities.

Read the full text of the letter HERE.

Innovation in Environmental Stewardship

This week, a group of Republican lawmakers and I introduced a resolution calling for American innovation to be used to improve environmental stewardship. We are lucky to live in the world’s most innovative country with the brightest minds. We must use this incredible asset to tackle an issue that impacts all of us regardless of our age, income, or geography. Here in the Pacific Northwest, with Mt. Rainier as our backdrop and the Alpine Lake Wilderness in our backyard, we understand the important role nature plays in our lives and why we must preserve it for future generations. I will continue to work with individuals from all sides of the aisle to improve environmental stewardship and encourage American innovation.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend and I will see you next time!




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