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Dear Friend,

I was happy to see the President’s joint address this week focused on having the courage to dream big, bettering the lives of all American families, and perhaps most importantly, reminding the country we are all on the same team.

President Trump stood before the American people and elected officials representing all corners of our country, promising to be the president for all people living in this great country. Out of all his campaign promises, this is the one he cannot fail to deliver on.

Please read my full thoughts HERE.

Meeting with Wenatchee’s Young Musicians

I had the great pleasure of meeting 30 of Ramon Rivera’s students from the Wenatchee School District’s Mariachi Program. They were such a talented and hardworking group and I was lucky enough to hear them perform several songs!

A major congratulations to Ramon for winning the Country Music Association’s Music Teacher of Excellence award! He will travel to Nashville, TN in April to accept the award. We are extremely proud of this impressive group of students and their teachers.

Exploring Our Local History

Without taking the time to learn about our local area and spreading the stories of those who came before us, we are in danger of forgetting our history. The Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center's mission is to ensure those stories are preserved and to make sure the efforts of those who built our community are appreciated and celebrated. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit the recently revamped museum and learned about our region’s history dating all the way back to the Ice Age!

Protecting Members of All Religious Communities

I am deeply disheartened and disturbed with the targeting of the Jewish community around the country and now in our own backyard. There is no place for hatred, bigotry, or antisemitism in our nation. Religious freedom is a cornerstone of the values this nation was built on. Individuals of all religious backgrounds feeling anything less than safe in our region and in our country is unacceptable and cannot be tolerated. These malicious attacks on places of worship, community centers, and on sacred burial grounds must be investigated with urgency and those who committed these crimes must be held accountable.

This week, my colleagues in the Washington Delegation and I sent a letter to the Department of Justice (DOJ), as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), requesting the DOJ and FBI to investigate these attacks and prosecute all offenders to the fullest extent possible.


Reason Number Four: Doing More with Less

This week, my fellow co-chair on the House Law Enforcement Caucus, Bill Pascrell (D-NJ), and I sent a letter to President Trump outlining the importance of the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS), especially its hiring program. I know firsthand how important community policing is to reducing crime, keeping officers safe, and building trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve. Today members of law enforcement around the country are being asked to take on more while facing widespread staffing shortages. Our local law enforcement are our first line of defense, the first to respond to acts of domestic terrorism. We must support the men and women who risk their lives daily to keep our communities and our families safe. There is no greater way to do this than through strong support of the COPS Office and community policing.

I also testified before the House Appropriations Committee, calling on committee members to strengthen funding for the COPS Hiring Program. To watch my testimony, click HERE.

Continuing the Conversation

On Friday, I had a long, thorough, and honest conversation with the group, Indivisible Wenatchee. We discussed health care reform, immigration, and the new administration, among other topics. We did not leave the room agreeing on everything, but I look forward to continuing the conversation, listening to their concerns, and finding common ground.

Speaking with Our Nation’s Retailers

I enjoyed speaking with some of our nation’s finest retail and apparel companies earlier this week. Here in Washington we are lucky to be home to many great retail and outdoor recreation apparel companies. Thank you to the American Apparel & Footwear Association for the invitation!


Have a fun and safe weekend. Talk to you next time!





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