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News Brief

Dear Friend,

On Tuesday, I had the honor and the privilege of being sworn in to represent Washington’s Eighth Congressional District in the 115th Congress. With the new Congress and incoming Administration, we are in a strong position to deliver on the issues most important to our region and people across the country.

This week we began our work to reduce regulatory and tax burdens on American families, pass healthcare policies that give patients more options at more affordable prices, ensure our veterans are cared for, and implement a strong trade agenda that creates jobs here at home and allows our businesses to compete and succeed on the world stage. I am confident these actions will be successful in creating a brighter future for all families across the country and will strengthen America’s economy.

Leading on Trade, Tax Reform, and Protecting the Vulnerable

Yesterday, I was renamed Chairman of the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Trade. As one of the most trade-dependent states in the country, expanded trade is critical to the success of families and communities across Washington. I am committed to creating new opportunities for our workers, manufacturers and farmers, including high-standard trade agreements that are strictly enforced, and working toward these goals with the Trump Administration as we begin the new year. By expanding opportunity and leveling the playing field for our workers and businesses, we will not only maintain our role as a world economic leader, but we will strengthen our national security and open doors for Washington’s countless entrepreneurs and workers.”

I am also pleased to continue my work reforming our tax code as the past Chairman and second in seniority on the Subcommittee on Tax Policy. Reforming our tax code to help families keep more of their hard-earned money and allow small businesses to thrive is a top priority for our nation. Additionally, I am excited to continue important work on the Human Resources Subcommittee to protect children and those who are most vulnerable in society.

Defending Our Friend and Ally

Israel is one of our nation’s strongest allies and a shining example of democracy and ingenuity in a region riddled with violence and corruption. This week, I stood by our Israeli friends and supported a resolution condemning the Obama Administration’s failure to defend our ally at the UN last week.

Calling on Our Nation’s Leaders to Honor Our Nation’s Heroes

In light of the upcoming celebration of National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day on Monday, January 9th, I sent letters to President Obama, President-elect Donald Trump, and our nation’s governors calling on them to honor law enforcement by lighting the White House, Trump buildings, and state capitols blue. Blue lights are the traditional symbol used to recognize our law enforcement officers. This is a small request for those who are willing to give their life on our behalf.

To read more about the letters I sent, click HERE.

To learn more about National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, click HERE.


Please have a safe weekend and I will talk to you next week!




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