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This week, House Republicans introduced legislation to improve our health care system. Our goal is to provide more choices, higher quality, and lower costs, while at the same time keeping what has worked. The American Health Care Act will continue to protect those with preexisting conditions, allow children up to 26 to remain on their parents’ plans, maintain the ban on lifetime or annual limits, and keep insurers from charging women more than men. At the same time, our plan moves to a fairer system where families will finally have the freedom to choose a plan that best meets their needs – not Washington, DC’s. You can read the legislation and learn more about the plan HERE:

An Immigration Solution for America’s Children

On Thursday, I cosponsored legislation, the Recognizing America’s Children (RAC) Act, which allows children who came to the U.S. by no fault of their own and grew up in our country to pursue the American dream. These individuals are our children's classmates, our neighbors, our friends, and our loved ones. They have sacrificed through military service, earned degrees to become doctors and teachers, and have contributed to our communities in immeasurable ways.

15 Reasons for May 15

Reason Number Five: Strength in Community

It was just another Sunday for Vickie Williams-Tillman. A mother, a grandmother, and a wife, Mrs. William-Tillman was on her way to buy supplies for a nice Sunday meal when she saw a confrontation on the side of the road. It appeared that a Baton Rouge, Louisiana police officer was being attacked by a suspect. Without hesitation, Mrs. Williams-Tillman called 911 and then, fearing for the officer’s safety when the suspect began hitting him with a baton, took matters into her own hands. She jumped out of her vehicle and onto the suspect’s back, preventing the suspect from grabbing a gun from the officer’s holster.

Mrs. Williams-Tillman, 56 years old and only 5’2, demonstrated a tremendous feat of bravery and courage that day, but she also showed communities are stronger and safer when we take care of one another and work together as a team. We typically depend on police officers to protect our communities, but Mrs. William-Tillman reminded us that they are also members of the community. Click HERE to read the full story.

Strengthening Maternal Care Across the Globe

In celebration of International Women’s Day earlier this week, we must recognize the tremendous contributions women have made to communities locally and across the globe. We must also remind ourselves of the progress still to be made. Improving access to maternal care and reducing child mortality rates in impoverished communities is one of the areas in need of our attention and resources. Around the world, every day 16,000 children under the age of 5 die from preventable diseases. In addition, 800 women die every day due to complications during pregnancy and childbirth. The Reach Every Mother and Child (Reach) Act, a bipartisan bill I am proud to sponsor, would work to reduce these numbers by ensuring more moms and babies have access to vital health care services and empowering individual families and communities with education and resources.

To learn more about this bill and how it would help save the lives of millions of children and some hundreds of thousands of women, read this OpEd I wrote with Representatives Betty McCollum (D-MN) and Barbara Lee (D-CA).

Meeting with United Way

Thank you to United Way of Chelan and Douglas County for stopping by my Wenatchee office. We had a good conversation about the importance of early childhood education, our support of the earned income tax credit, and the need to preserve the AmeriCorps program.

Speaking with Our Japanese Partners

As Washington’s second largest export market, Japan is an important economic ally and trade partner. On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to meet with Japanese lawmakers and several of Japan’s former Ministers for Foreign Affairs to discuss the future of trade between our two countries. We must continue to pursue our common interests and build upon our strong relationship.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend!





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