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Government must pursue a comprehensive strategy to spur economic recovery and job creation. It can do so by enabling the success of small businesses; opening new markets to sell American goods and services; reforming our tax code to promote investment, innovation, and global competitiveness; and investing in education and training of our current and future workforce.

To remain competitive in a global marketplace, investment in education is critical. Government must support investments in community and technical colleges, as well as job training programs, to help match student and workers' skills with jobs now, and the jobs of the future.

Small businesses are the engines of our economy and are responsible for 80% of the jobs in America. Government can spur job creation by enabling the success of these job creators:

  • Free up job-creating capital for small businesses
  • Extend the current income tax rates for all families and businesses
  • Increase the R&D tax credit and make it permanent
  • Extend the capital gains rate to encourage investment
  • Repeal the Death Tax
  • Make retirement savings easier
  • Ease the regulatory burden

Americans produce the best goods and services in the world and 95% of our consumers live outside the United States. We can create and subtain jobs by connecting American products with the foreign consumers who demand them:

  • Continue to open markets to trade

Our outdated tax code is crippling American competitiveness in the global economy while its complexity causing headaches for American families:

  • Overhaul the tax code
  • Reduce the corporate tax rate
  • Adopt a territorial tax system

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