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“I continue to believe that we can advance proposals that lower costs and increase access to quality care without hurting seniors or punishing job-creating small businesses.  Americans should not settle.” – Dave Reichert

Dave touring Auburn Regional Medical Center

Dave meeting with researchers at Amgen

I remain committed to protecting and strengthening your healthcare – protecting you from increased health care costs, losing the health plans you currently have, and letting the government interfere in your medical decisions; and strengthening healthcare by ensuring that better quality, more affordable care is available for all Americans.  I have supported healthcare reform proposals that would lower the cost of healthcare premiums by up to 10 percent for families and small businesses, increase access to affordable, high-quality care, and promote healthier lifestyles; all without adding to the national debt. 

We need meaningful and lasting reforms like lowering insurance risk pools by allowing small businesses to band together, real medical malpractice reform, and increasing competition in the insurance market by allowing people to purchase insurance across state lines.  Congress should work together to transform our healthcare system in a way that helps Americans lead longer, healthier lives without diminishing the healthcare that we already have. We cannot accept a solution that could bankrupt this country while neglecting the unique health needs of individuals, families, and seniors.

Congressman Reichert is actively working in the House:

  • Authored Legislation to Restore Assistance for Families’ and Seniors’ Health Expenses
  • Authored Legislation to Promote Efficiency in Health Care Delivery
  • Authored Legislation to Make the Delivery of Specialized Physical Therapy Services More Efficient
  • Supported Removing Onerous Burdens on Small Businesses
  • Supports Protecting Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Supports Medical Innovation
  • Promotes Medical Research
  • Supports Medicare Beneficiaries Freedom of Choice & Flexibility

Health Care Caucus Membership and Service:

Congressional Children's Health Care Caucus (Founder and Co-Chair)
Children’s health care is one of Dave’s top legislative priorities and one in which he has taken an active leadership role.  Dave believes it is our responsibility to leave for our children a world better than our own, and one in which they can grow, prosper, and nurture future generations. He remains unwavering in his commitment to expanding access to better quality, affordable health care that will allow our children to lead longer, healthier lives.

Congressional Soccer Caucus (Co-Chair)
The mission of the caucus is to encourage legislation, activities and events that promote the use of soccer as a vehicle for developing healthy lifestyles in children.

Special Olympics of Washington State (Board of Directors)
The vision of Special Olympics is to help bring all persons with intellectual disabilities into the larger society under conditions whereby they are accepted, respected and given the chance to become useful and productive citizens. Special Olympics Washington provides athletes continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, experience joy, and participate in a sharing of skills with their families, other Special Olympic athletes, and the community.

Congressional Biomedical Research Caucus

Congressional Down Syndrome Caucus

Congressional Global Health Caucus (Co-Chair)

Congressional Health Care Coalition

Congressional Hunger Caucus

Congressional Multiple Sclerosis Caucus

Congressional Task Force on Childhood Obesity (Co-Chair)

Congressional Kids Healthcare Caucus

Congressional Malaria Caucus
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