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“We have to work together if we are going to get our economy back on track by opening new markets and selling American goods and services to consumers abroad.” – Dave Reichert  10/12/2011

Video: Dave Reichert Urging Passage of KORUS FTA

Washington State is the most trade-dependent state in the nation. One out of every three jobs in our state is connected to trade, and we export more than $61 billion in goods and services annually. Trade agreements are a proven stimulus that helps our nation compete in the global economy and opens new markets for American businesses to “Sell American” – which is especially important when 95% of the consumers of American goods and services live outside our borders. We must also consider what our country stands to lose by failing to implement trade agreements while competitors like the European Union, Canada, and China race ahead to aggressively knock down trade barriers and increase their own market share. We cannot afford the consequences of inaction on trade.

I remain unwavering in my commitment to advancing our nation’s trade agenda in order to create American jobs and put our nation on the path to economic recovery. I was proud to work with local businesses to create legislation that will "Sell American" - the US OUTDOOR ACT. 

KORUS FTA: Passing the Korean Free Trade Agreement was a giant step forward in creating jobs and increasing American competitiveness in the global marketplace. I was proud to play a leading role in the process and passage of the KORUS FTA.

  • Recipient of the 2010 Trade And Investment Leadership Award 
  • Member of the President’s Export Council - combating violators of intellectual property rights
  • Purposively looking toward new markets and new opportunities
  • Led effort to include ‘New Market Access’ in the National Export Initiative
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